Planet fitness workout plan to lose weight

planet fitness workout routine

Many would find weight loss as a very healthy journey, while many would think it as a very hard struggle with a long path to be followed. While people tend to forget this that weight loss does not mean to present oneself better or fit into good clothes. It is actually a path to a healthy life which does not need only months but a lifetime to maintain a healthy life. Altogether, in a fitness routine, each and every day counts as a major part for your weight loss and step towards healthy living. With people facing a dilemma over which workout plan to be followed with minimum time and maximum results, planet fitness workout plan will help you enhance your daily health routine that will help you maintain your body health. Fitness for planet fitness means a fit body leads to stable health.

Tips for daily fitness

Water retention in your body is a must, where the daily consumption of water will help you in activating the metabolism rate of your body and will help you subsequently maintain it. Since it is such a vital ingredient for the body one must start the day by drinking two glasses of water. Many researchers have also suggested that warm water consumption in the morning filters out the kidneys and also helps the body healthy.

Water also should be taken after every meal. At least one glass of water helps on cleaning the residual food that remains in your stomach before you introduce another meal.

It is also advised by many experts that one must start the day with a full body exercise before they have their breakfast. Adopting a good workout plan before your breakfast helps you to burn the calories along with it helps you to utilize excess nutrients in the stomach to be pumped up before you have the first meal of the day. Also, it helps you to have an urge for taking the next meal of the day which generally people tend to skip if they must not have done any workout of any kind throughout the day.

Now when you have a workout, most of you may feel tiredness and fatigue. Well, for this one can have a power nap, which will help them gain relaxation of the body since the muscles have worked out they need to be relaxed and also it helps the body in initiating proper digestion. Normally many types of research have found out that the ones who take power naps and heavy sleep tend to have a faster weight loss compared to those who don’t rest.

After-work fitness regime helps you to dormant muscles after a whole day of work, which ultimately helps in burning the fat in your body.

Should I plan for a Cardio workout or a strength workout?

That the most debated question since long. Many people still tend to confuse whether a cardio workout will help them lose weight or strength training. Also among both cardio and strength workout which one will be helpful in reducing workout throughout the day while doing regular activities?

Well most of the exercising and fitness expert have advised that both the workout are advantageous in terms of weight loss and keeping the body fit

Benefits of a cardio workout

Well if you are looking for a big goal in weight loss and with a short-term period then Cardio is the answer to all your questions. Many planet fitness workout routine experts have confirmed that cardio tends to reduce stress level and also helps in burning extra calories in less time with effective results in a short period. Cortisol is the main culprit in increasing belly fat. Cortisol is actually a hormone which shoots up with bad food choices made when you are in stress. So if you hope to reduce the Cortisol and burn your fats more quickly then cardio workout will do wonders for you.

Advantages of strength training

Many tend to choose strength training for an effective and longtime weightloss regime. Strength workout is mostly done to build muscles which will help you burn more body fat. Strength training also helps in improving your digestion and boost metabolism up to 36 hours of strength training depending on the duration and intensity of workout you have been through.

In conclusion, one can combine the benefits of both the workouts and plan a gym regime that will bring the best out of your body and will result in along term and effective weight loss with a healthy lifestyle for you.

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