Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: How’d She Do It?

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: How’d She Do It?

rebel wilson weight loss 2017We all are aware of the aura and personality Rebel Wilson carries herself with. She has an enigmatic persona with which she lights up the room whenever she enters. The Australian actress has not left any stone unturned to entertain and has won many accolades when it comes to her acting profession. She had also launched a clothing line for the plus size women to highlight the pressures of the women in her industry for being a size zero. Her weight was never an issue for her fans to love and admire her. But, recently her Instagram post shows the Pitch Perfect actress in a more fitter and slimmer shape. The actress has reportedly lost 35 pounds and was seen flaunting her healthier version on her Instagram post to her fans and also promoting her fitness regime amongst her fans.

What Motivated Rebel Wilson To Lose Weight?

Rebel’s weight loss journey began back in the year 2016. In an interview, Rebel had revealed that she was prone to weight gain due to hormonal imbalance in her body. She described the food as a drug, which meant she ate food whenever she was happy or sad. She had said in an interview once that she eats a dessert when she is happy or sad. She had confessed that she eats when she is incredibly stressed, so she tries to celebrate and reward herself with food, in this case, the food acts as a comfort for her. She had reportedly said, that her eating was due to emotional stress and can be described as emotional stress eating, She had also described eating as her one vice and she wouldn’t ever want to totally give it up.

Many of us can relate to Rebel’s struggle with stress eating and food engorging habits but what makes Rebel more different than rest of us is that the actress took charge of her body’s health and decided to reduce a few kilos without changing her looks. This would make her body more fit and healthy. So Rebel had decided to get in touch with all her friends in Hollywood and worked on her weight loss plans.

So here are some of the weight loss secrets of Rebel Wilson weight loss 2017

Avoid counting Calories

Rebel made an agenda of not counting calories but to count the amount of dietary fiber she was consuming through her food. This helped her to concentrate more on the nutrition value of the food she was eating and engorging rather focusing on the calorie count.

Eating veggies And Fruits and Rebel Wilson after weight loss

Rebel consumed and ate a lot of veggies and dietary fibres as they are great in losing weight and acquiring vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients. Eating vegetable also helps you to protect from diseases, inflammation, hair loss etc.

Consumption of Healthy Fats

Rebel consumed a lot of healthy fats to stop the problem of inflammation-induce weight gain. For this she ate avocado, olive oil nuts and seeds to keep her hunger cravings away and to reduce the stress eating what she was practising before.

Have Healthy Snacks

Rebel had skipped eating unhealthy snacks and took up healthy snack diets such as cashews, almonds, celery, carrots, cucumber, zucchini chips, olive oil and guacamole.

These are the basic diet rule plan she had followed and lost 35 pounds. You can also follow Rebel’s tips for weight loss.

  • Stick to the diet plan that you have made to reduce your weight
  • Reduce the consumption of extra calories by drinking lots of water
  • Feel comfortable and confident about your own body

They are not as hard it sounds but actually easier steps for weight reduction. So, if you want to turn yourself from flab to fab just try out the  Rebel Wilson weight loss diet tips. Wish you the very best!!!

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