Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Journey

rebel wilson lose weight
rebel wilson after weight loss

Rebel Wilson weight loss

Most people remember the wildly popular actress Rebel Wilson weight loss 2017 from her hilarious role in the movies like Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids. Rebel had quickly gained popularity with her role of the charismatic personality and hit comic roles. Rebel has also gained wide popularity in the United States and in her home country of Australia.

Her 2017 weight loss has surprised all her fans. The actress was actually more recognized due to her plus size and her enigmatic personality. She was once quoted saying that her overweight body had actually made her successful because it was unique and different.

Her weight loss is now presenting a different story. With her weight loss, rebel Wilson lose weight has realized that she actually doesn’t necessarily need her size to make it big in the movie industry.

Many of her fans are questioning if it’s really her after her dramatic weight loss. Well, it seems the all those questions about Rebel’s weight loss has to be put to rest, and it’s time for all fans to wake-up and accepts the truth that Rebel has made healthier choices and has accomplished such a feat.

Let’s explore some of her weight loss secrets.

37-year-old Rebel has been no stranger to curves. She had stated once that in the field of movies it has been a really good thing to be unique and real and she also went out to say that she wouldn’t want to compete with the glamorous actresses and was comfortable with her body type and what she was from inside.

She was aware that food had impacted her weight which she called emotional eating. During her 2015 Cosmopolitan interview, that how food is both reward and comfort for her.

Now it seems that Rebel has gone through being conscious about her curves to now being more self-aware about her health.

Rebel’s Weight Loss Reveal

Although it has never been disclosed that how much weight has been shed by rebel wilson after weight loss, but some speculate that she must have lost between 30-40 pounds when she started her weight loss journey back in 2016.

Rebel publicly revealed in the year 2016 that she was becoming more susceptible to weight gain due to her hormonal imbalance and it was becoming more difficult and challengings for her to lose weight like a normal person.

Rebel also confessed to the public in 2016 that she has a hormonal imbalance that makes her more susceptible to weight gain. This has made it more challenging for weight loss gym routine female to tackle her weight loss as a normal person would.

She had also shared once that for her it is all about her to feel comfortable with her own skin. She neither wanted to be too unhealthy but just comfortable with her own size.

Rebel is now inspiring all the women around the world to look healthier and to take initiative for their own body.

How did she do it?
A Retreat

Rebel lost around 8 pounds after she went on a retreat in the spring of 2016 and had gone on four days of hiking, exercising, massages and eating organic vegetarian food.

Better food choices and workout

Rebel has been making healthier food choices and has been working out and exercising most of the week so that she could lose additional pounds and keep off from gaining more weight.

The most important things that have helped Rebel during weight loss journey:

  • Exercise: depending on your exercise intensity as well as your activity level throughout the day, you should exercise a minimum of 3-5 days per week. You can make a goal of 30 minutes 5 days a week or 25-minute sessions 3 times a week with varying levels of intensity.
  •  Eat fiber: 35 grams of fiber a day can help you shed more kilos. It helps you in both keeping you full and improve your digestion. You’ll be less hungry, have better blood sugar, and improved digestion after intake of fiber.
  • Get healthy fats: Healthy fats keep your skin and brain healthy, they also improve cognitive function and altogether help in stabilizing your blood sugar in order to prevent cravings and fat storage.
  • Be confident: You should always have confidence in yourself and your body, regardless of what size you are. Have a positive mindset and know that you can do everything.

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